Our Mission

The Maritime Wellness Institute is devoted to working with our members, advisors, subject matter experts to improve the wellness of crew at sea, set new standards and provide unparalleled access to global resources and services available.


To provide the resources and tools to support both physical and mental health seafarers around the world.

Our one year goal is to provide resources to at least one million seafarers.

Our Values



Why you need to improve crew wellness in your company


Radically Improve Operational Performance

By investing in seafarers, motivation levels will increase, human performance will improve which allows teams to work better and more efficiently.

Reduce Operational Costs

Prevent future illness, prevent future injury = reduced medical evacuation, decreased medical repatriation, fewer claims to P&I Clubs.

Improve working relationship & Communication between crew and company

When we invest in colleague’s at sea, when we see crew as assets rather than expenses and empower the crew to be part of the decision-making process, we will start to improve relationships

“We need to have healthy seafarers, we need to have happy seafarers, as employers we have an obligation to our colleagues at sea, they are not our employee’s they are our colleagues, they are the most valuable part of that whole chain.

Tim Huxley on the Shipping Forecast

Why join?

Aside from the extensive benefits by joining the Maritime Wellness Institute you will have access to the leading experts in one place. There is no need to develop your own in house teams or spend hours searching for what is right for your company.

Working with the MWI alleviates those pressures. Working with the MWI ensures that you don’t waste your time or money searching for what is right for your company. If we do not have the right solution for you today, we will form a dedicated think to help you solve your problems.

Buying Mistakes


Quick Fixes don’t work.

Wellness is a journey; quick fixes do not work; it’s like putting a plaster over the problem; it does not cure the wound. At the Maritime Wellness Institute, we deliver both sustainable and maintainable solutions to not only improve wellness in your organisation but prevent future issues.

One Size does not always Fit all.

Every person is different; every vessel is different; every company is different. One solution does not always work for everyone which is why we ensure we can provide a toolbox of solutions that can be tailored to fit your organisation is required.

Buying shoreside solutions

The maritime sector is a unique and traditional industry. While a lot of the knowledge is transferrable, it is not always appropriate or with the correct structure. Which is why at the MWI, we ensure that all solution is fit for purpose for life at sea and the maritime industry. Our experts have generations of experience about how the maritime industry operates, life at sea and management shoreside.