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Become an Ambassador


We created this program to support seafarers around the world. Our ambassadors are inspiring leaders, storytellers, and doers from around the world. They help us to keep our finger on the pulse of their communities and provide us with invaluable feedback so that we can improve and grow.

For us, authentic relationships are where it all starts. When you’re an ambassador, you’re not just in partnership with us as a company, you’re an extension of the Maritime Wellness Institute and an inspiration to our members and the global seafaring community. We believe that when you do well, we all do well.

How to become an ambassador?

  1. Be recommended by colleague, friend or ambassador,

  2. Invitation by Andrew Cowderoy our CEO and Founder,

  3. Apply (using form below).


  1. Knowledge of the maritime industry,

  2. Be a member of the Maritime Wellness Institute, Join today,

  3. Driven to make a difference in seafarer wellbeing,

“If you are able to recommend or refer any one as a member of the Maritime Wellness I would like to thank you personally in advance, and give you thank you present.” - Andrew Cowderoy

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