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During my time at college, my great friend Matt (another mature student) was scapegoated by those who should have known better whilst he was fighting ongoing mental health issues and situational depression.  His story ended with his cadetship being withdrawn, and whilst appearing entirely collected and motivated to pursue other options he tragically ended his life.   My own yarn will be familiar to many, my partner felt abandoned by my going to sea which put an unbearable strain on our relationship.  The stress of the situation at home and my work as a maritime auditor in West Africa for 2 months at a time led to me suffering a minor stroke which certainly pulled the rug from under my feet and spelled the end of my career (as I thought at the time).  Divorce was on the cards, and of course eventually came. I attempted suicide twice, because I felt that my identity had been taken away from me, and also resented my partner for having a secret life when I was away-but frighteningly the process of getting there was not the tear soaked idea held by many.  When the darkness came, I found myself operating fully on autopilot and fully committed to dying.  The second event happened after a particularly happy day, where I was literally crying with laughter with good friends.  You don’t need to be sad to want to end it all, and looking back on it this is a revelation to me.” -

Matt O’Crowly, Global Compliance Director

Do you feel undervalued by your company?

Do you miss home, but internet is too expensive?

Do you get pissed off that you company is making any change?

You feel lonely or helpless with no one to turn to and the company does not listen?

YES to any of the above, fill in form, and we will keep your name private, but we will fight to make the changes, we can NOT do it without your help.

“My vision is to provide all seafarers, workers, in the maritime industry with the tools and resources to support and improve mental, physical; health and fitness. For there there to be no more un-necessary loss of life, for people to feel safe about asking for help and not fear loss of career by asking for help. I’d like to invite you to join us with our global campaign by signing the petition below.”

- Andrew Cowderoy, CEO & Founder, Former Seafarer

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The Maritime Wellness Institute is devoted to working with our members, advisors, subject matter experts to improve the wellness of crew at sea, set new standards and provide unparalleled access to global resources and services available.


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