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Open Coming Ashore Webinar with Andrew Cowderoy

Open Coming Ashore Webinar with

Andrew Cowderoy

Pre-requisites: None

Whether you are at sea and looking to come ashore, new to the industry and planning for the future or solely in what is available join an interactive webinar. Our Coming Ashore Webinars have a basic structure but are designed for international seafarers.

Our MWI Experts give you advice on a whole range on topics surrounding coming ashore, answer your questions and provide real feedback to provide you with the help you need today.

If you have specific questions that you want to be answered or addressed, please send them through either in the form when you book or by emailing no later than 24hrs prior and ensure you're joining the webinar LIVE so our experts can speak with you.

No questions? No Problem! Feel free to join even if you wish to listen in and soak up insights from others - it's hugely valuable!

Attach your questions, any word documents in the comments as a shareable Google Doc. That way the presenter can comment on the document for your review later.

  • Don't forget to wear your headphones if you wish to speak on the call.

  • To record the webinar, you can use any ScreenFlow (

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10am - 11am London time

Open Coming Ashore Webinar with Andrew Cowderoy





Andrew Cowderoy

  • CEO & Founder, Maritime Wellness Institute

  • Former Seafarer