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Quick Tip: How we can embrace technology to understand human performance at sea


A quick tip on how we can embrace technology to understand human performance at sea, and use that data to revolutionize vessel performance using the power of data analytics technology. In 2017 ZS Wellness, the mother company of the Maritime Wellness Institute, partnered with Garmin, and started working extremely closely with Oracle in order to develop a state of the art, one of a kind, monitoring system using readily available technology and applications to understand the power of human performance at sea.

We can use technology such as smart devices, wearables, from companies such as Garmin, to start to gather personal data on ourselves at sea on a very singular level. You or I can go out and buy a Garmin Fenix 5, a Garmin Vivosmart 4, and start to understand how daily routine can affect our sleep, how it affects stress, our body battery level, how our daily activities such as fitness, nutrition, affect the way that we feel.

Now, the data that comes through on these apps is just that, it's data. What does it actually mean? And this is crucial. Should a seafarer or individual agree to allowing ZS Wellness, the Maritime Wellness Institute, to collect their data in a highly secure, extremely robust, US military grade system, we're able to start to analyze their life at sea. This analysis can ensure that we are able to deliver the correct type of training, the correct education on how and why human performance is so critical to our lives at sea, to vessel performance, to safety.


Again, given the correct permission, because data is extremely personal and this data especially is even more so, we're able to compare this with already existing data sets to really start to build an extremely holistic picture on a vessel's operation and performance. How stress is affecting daily operations. How sleep is affecting turnaround time in port, the quality of that sleep especially. We're looking towards increasing vessel performance by drilling down and understanding how our actions as ship owners and managers, crewing agents, affect the most critical part of the vessel, which is, in fact, the crew.

The joy of wearable technology is such that it doesn't impede on day to day life. We can strap on a small wearable watch, a Vivosmart 3 or 4, and we can carry out our daily activities. We can go walk around on deck of a container ship. We can navigate a ship. We can work in the engine room, without impeding risk or safety. This is why, since day one and still today, it's critically important that we work with not only a ship owner or operator, or not only a seafarer, but we work with both the seafarer and the operator as it's imperative that both understand how day to day life is affecting overall performance, and how that performance, is affecting vessel performance, risk and safety.

We can start to ask the questions, such as, are we giving our masters too much paperwork? By understanding, by testing out certain elements, we can determine stress levels onboard from anywhere around the world. Technology is radically changing, and we'll be able to do far more and more to improve both personal human performance and vessel performance at the same time. Those critically important.


We're in an extremely exciting era where technology is driving the way. Let's not go out and reinvent the wheel in shipping. Let's use what we have at our disposal to revolutionize the way that we consider shipping, to revolutionize the way that we operate ships today. How do you monitor your vessel's performance, the human performance activities? Are you fully coherent on the truest effects of vessel operation has on your crew, and what effect that has on vessel operation on the commercial side, on the commercial performance of a ship?

We're more than happy to discuss, at length and in detail, how this technology works. In the coming months, we're launching a new handheld app, which is going to revolutionise even the simplest version of monitoring data on an individual level. START accelerating your performance today.

By Andrew Cowderoy

andrew cowderoy