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How to train a global workforce in the easiest way possible

How do I train my seafarers, a global workforce, on how to improve their human performance, on how to improve nutrition, on how fitness is such a key role in human performance and lifestyle, important not only for their own lives, but to the lives of those around them, to their family, to their career and vessel performance?

It's a question that we get asked all the time, how can we do this? The traditional way would be to fly a trainer to a port to train them just before they join a vessel or just as they're about to leave a vessel, or perhaps it's when you send a crew member on a two or three day workshop. This will cost a significant amount of time to plan the logistics around getting crew round the world or getting the trainer to the location, finding the venue, finding the space. It also costs a huge amount of money. If you're flying a trainer out for a number days worth of training, you're looking at not only the days training, but two days travel either side, the accommodation, food, etc. You're also looking on the pre-training of paying somebody run the course, to do that training, find the venue, but also to pay the seafarer, extra time, to, during their leave come and take part in that, and you're looking to pay for their flights.

There is an alternative, which is to use the power of technology. There is much power today in the palm of our hand, which may not be perfect today, but at the rate of development, it's not going to be long until there are better and more efficient solutions.

We embrace this technology to train professionals, no matter where they are in the world, using the power of video. Video conferencing, webinars, workshops, all 100% online. Now the joy is, as an employer, you don't have to find the time to put together a training package, to fly a trainer around the world, pay the accommodation fees, the transport fees, the headache of whether or not they're going to be there on time, and the headache whether or not, your crew member, they're going to turn up.

The joy of using the videos and an online training platform using videos is that you are able to send out a link to all 20,000 seafarers in your company that will transform their laptop, tablet or phone into a live training centre. They can either participate live, or if they're at sea and they can get access to live stream and you don't have the data onboard, next time they come ashore, they can download and watch the training video, which is perhaps maximum an hour, they can download onto any device wherever they are.
Now you're saving a significant amount of time and a headache to organise a training session, and you're also saving significant amount of money to send individuals anywhere round the world.

We, do the majority of our training, predominantly this way, through online training, because we can access your entire crew with the touch of a button. We can speak to everybody at the exact same time. You don't need to worry about whether or not somebody's going to make a flight, whether a trainer's going to turn up. You don't have to worry about all those additional costs. You can train everybody in a heartbeat, you don't have to be there, and you're expanding your workforce significantly. So, in short, that's how we can start to train our people from wherever we are in the world.

andrew cowderoy