Maritime Mental Health Awarenesses Week with Andrew Cowderoy

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Following the success of the Maritime Mental Health Workshop, the launch of the Wellness and Safety Certificate of Competency and ahead of the WellShip launch we have, Mental Health Awareness Week, between the 13th and 19th May 2019, what are you doing? This is what we are doing.

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Andrew will be speaking with:



Monday 13th May -

12:30, UK Time

Matt O’Crowley, Global Compliance Director of the MWI, who lost two of his class colleagues commit suicide during his cadetship, after loosing his career he tried to take his own life more than once.


Wednesday 15th May

Lee Clarke, Cadet Manages at Ships. Lee has first hand experience of lack of support, care and mental health training for men and women in the merchant navy, like Matt he too lost colleagues to suicide at sea..


Tuesday 14th May - 14:00, UK Time

Andrew Johnson, who spoke at the Maritime Mental Health Workshop and is an expert in the field of relaxation and stress reduction. Take part in short LIVE Session with the two Scottish Andrew’s.


Thursday 16th May

Captain Paul Naranjo-Sheperd. Global Training Director at the MWI and representing the Honourable Company of Master Mariners


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