Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health in the Workplace with obi James

15th June, London 1400 - 1700

followed by networking 1700 - 1830


When your employees believe that they are wholly welcome in your workplace, they are their most productive – they take ownership, are resourceful and committed to not only meeting, but exceeding their targets. Leadership becomes a role that everyone can and will step into, making it your competitive advantage.


Do your employees:

  • Feel uncomfortable talking about their mental health or how they are impacted by mental health challenges in the workplace?

  • Fear that their career progression could be impacted by their mental health?

  • Feel alone and misunderstood as a result of their mental health?

  • Feel ill-equipped to support their friends


According to the Mental Health Foundation, people at work that have or have had mental health problems add as much as £225 billion pounds a year to the UK economy. That represents 12.1% of the UK’s total GDP.

Organisations must protect that value by addressing mental health at work for those with existing challenges, those at risk, and for the entire workforce.

Are you as an organisation providing the right type and level of support to your employees?

When employees feel like they cannot share their

experiences at work without being stigmatised,

engagement drops, and productivity suffers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our founder, Obi James has over 15 years’ experience of helping leaders and organisations shape their culture by transforming how they work together so they can get better results.

We combine systems thinking with neuroscience and experiential learning to help organisations inspire leadership in all. Our expertise lies in creating safe environments where all voices even the most marginalised ones, count and feel heard.

We strongly believe that your employees can not only help you identify challenges but have a mountain of untapped wisdom and creativity that can help you address them.

Employee Voice

Our Employee Voice series are designed to help you make optimum use of the combined knowledge and capability in any group. We have facilitated sessions on topics such as work-life balance, relationships, difficult conversations, resilience, glass-ceiling, working families and diversity.


“Obi’s first league facilitating skills shaped us, participants into open-hearted and open-minded individuals straight in the very first 5 minutes of the event. I truly believe that Obi was prepared to present every single topic in a few possible ways and no distraction existed that could threaten her skills and objectives as workshop leader. These things contributed to my 100% satisfaction.” - Beata Rodzoch, Head Of Finance And Administration at 10Clouds.

As part of this year’s Mental Health Awareness week, we would like to offer your employees an opportunity to talk. We will facilitate a 2-hour session on an agreed relevant topic for up to 25 employees. Your session will be a rich learning experience, real, practical and empowering.

Our intention is that these conversations will ripple out among your networks and create shifts in individual and collective behaviour. This will not necessarily be through attempts at coordinating action, rather, through the increased awareness these conversations will raise. Let’s work together to establish a culture that values authenticity, openness and collective leadership.