Mental Health Workshop  


About the Mental Health Workshop

The wellness industry is now valued at $4.2 trillion. There is a lot of talk about mental health in the maritime industry; however, what do we do? The MH Workshop is an experiential event designed to give you tools you can put into practice immediately.

Presented by Andrew Cowderoy and the Maritime Wellness Institute, the Mental Health Workshop brings life to mental health, gives you tools to put into practice and help improve mental health.

Hear, learn and practise from industry professionals who will share their expertise, insight, strategies and tools to improve mental health, and network with like-minded, passionate and forward-thinking individuals and companies.

Where and When

  • Marylebone, London

  • 18th April, 2019

  • 12:00 - c.19:00

What to expect

  • Four Sessions

  • A live panel discussion with additional industry experts

  • A chance to ask the panel your burning questions

  • The opportunity to meet and connect with the panel

  • Networking opportunity

  • An inspiring and educational afternoon designed to give you tools to put into practice on the day

Who will be there

  • Who Will be there

  • Industry stakeholders

    • Insurance companies

    • P&I Clubs

    • Charities

    • Ship owners and managers

    • Crewing agencies

    • Training establishments

  • Big brands looking to align themselves with wellness at sea

  • Companies looking to improve mental health in their company

  • Forward-thinking individuals

  • Press


“If we receive sufficient founding members, partners and sponsors I will use 100% of the ticket profits to support MWI projects”

Andrew Cowderoy



Andrew Johnson


Mari Williams


Royal Air Force

Mental Health Nurses 

Live Panel

Chaired by Dan Roberts

I help people live a healthy, athletic and mind-body connected life.

The Dan Roberts Group of companies is an organisation that inspires athletic and ‘connected’ living so to help people love and use their their body more. The coaching team provide a wide range of personal training, movement and wellness coaching services in London, luxury athletic retreats internationally and we also offer ongoing education services (coach mentoring, workshops and accredited qualifications) to fitness industry professionals.

We created two breakthrough workouts; Methodology X™ and NUK SOO™. These workout brands have a growing international following and are key vehicles to help share our philosophy that marries zen, playfulness, science and athletic living.

Our organisation is also actively expanding its reach and impact through social media (@teamdanroberts), licensing deals, the development of new coaching qualifications and long-term global partnerships with select luxury brands and 5 star hotels.

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts

“One of Britain’s best.... Roberts is a man that makes Oscar-winners and royalty sweat, his forensic knowledge of all things fitness is jaw-dropping”


“Dan is one of Europe’s leading strength & conditioning coaches”


“One of the most respected and talked about fitness and wellbeing companies in the UK” PSYCHOLOGIES

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The Maritime Mental Health Workshop will be videos by Jamies Jame “Basing his principles on happiness by way of doing what he loves each day, Jamie tells stories through video and photography.”

Jamie James