Paul Shepard

Human Elements, Cadet, Training Advisor


Paul Shepherd is a Master Mariner with a BSc (Honours - 1st Class) in Marine Operations Management and Director of Whitehorse Maritime Limited. 

Whitehorse Maritime provides a range of training and consultancy services, with a focus on Bridge/Engine Room resource management and procedures, safety management systems, human factors and emergency response organisation. Whitehorse Maritime's network of partnerships with the most innovative companies in the maritime training space, and its involvement with high-level training and safety policy, enable it to devise thoughtful and effective training strategies for the most forward-looking clients.

Prior to founding Whitehorse Maritime, Paul had a successful and varied career, initially onboard P&O and Princess Cruises, an environment where training, safety culture, communications and Bridge Resource Management are refined to the highest levels. Taking this experience onto the next challenge, Paul was recruited by the Schmidt Ocean Institute and, over the next five and a half years, was at the centre of building a driven team with an excellent work ethic and strong safety culture, all supported by carefully crafted procedures and organisational structures.

With additional experience of the ro-ro ferry sector and tall ships, Paul has a broad range of skills. Of particular note are his experience with training, various ECDIS and electronic bridge systems, the development and operation of ISM safety management systems, onboard emergency response organisation, bridge procedures and safe navigational practices. Furthermore, having written his BSc dissertation on the effect of automated bridge systems on the OOW, he remains fascinated by human factors issues and how system design can mitigate or exacerbate related problems.

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