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The maritime industry is haemorrhaging crew members, and it's not about the pay. If we want to keep people at sea, we need to make ships happier places to work.


“Andrew Cowderoy has a business called ZS Wellness which is aligned to Global Goals 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing. ZS Wellness uses technology to improve the wellness of crews who work at sea. The impact of the company is to ensure seafaring workers have access to the best resources available to promote wellbeing and prevent future loss of career; they do this in partnership with the Maritime Wellness Institute.” - Daniel Priestley



Wall Street Journal

“Andrew Cowderoy was 24 years old when he was forced out of the British Merchant Navy. Diagnosed in 2013 with ulcerative colitis, the fourth-generation shipping industry worker was stripped of his maritime medical certificate, a regulatory requirement to work at sea.” - Sasha Banks-Louie