The Maritime Wellness Institute is devoted to enhance our members business and fulfil all their wellness at sea needs. Through bespoke and ready-made solutions, the MWI take care of every aspect of our member's wellness at sea needs to give them back luxury of time.

Fitness and Nutrition

Our team of experts advisors have combined decades of experience working with elite athletes, Chief Executive and the general population. As a member, you will have full access to the services and expertise of all our advisors.

Currently available:

Bespoke Solutions, On-Board Training, Online Learning, Gym Installations, Meal Plans, Nutritional Consultations


As a member of the Maritime Wellness Institute, you will be able to pull on all the resources we have at our disposal that include former Royal Navy Medics, Harley Street Doctors and Paramedics. Our medical group believe in prevention rather than reaction and have worked across the maritime industry working oil and gas,

Crew Health | Emergency Preparedness | STCW Onboard | Telemedicine | App Based Education Programmes | Bespoke Solution | Virtual Clinics

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“Millennials are digital natives. They believe in “access over ownership”, choosing to stream music rather than own albums and preferring Uber and AirBnB over cars and holiday homes. The business models of the past simply don’t cut it with this group.” Daniel Priestly

The Maritime Wellness Institute is continuously evolving and innovating, harnessing the power of technology to deliver the best services and support crew wellness globally. The technology available can help both management teams and crew understand in far more detail than ever before the actual effect of life at sea to one's wellness by adopting and harnessing the power of technology.

Currently available

Human Capital Resource Management | Wearable Technology | Data Analytics | Education



We live in a fast-evolving world with new technology, digitisation and so much more. Shipping is an exciting opportunity for a start-up or an existing company as there are so many opportunities. So whether you are starting up or a current organisation looking to innovate in shipping, in particular in technologies that can support the wellness of men at women at sea, we would love to hear from you