The maritime industry both faces and creates a number of unique problems by virtue of its operations. With estimates suggesting that 1 in 6 of the workforce could be suffering from issues relating to mental health it is simple to deduce that our seafarers are at unnaturally high risk of crisis. By managing and quantifying the current and required future states, organisations will reduce the commercial risks posed to them by physical and mental health related issues. The Well Ship MS is designed to be both pragmatic and complimentary to other standards and the unique culture found within the industry. Operating a WellShip is not just about mental health, it is about systematically involving the crew as part of the workforce (demanded by ISO Standards aligned to Annex SL), proactively managing nutrition and fitness and reducing the potential effects of uncertainty for both the owner/operator and their clients and charterers relating to health. During the last ten years, in the North Sea alone, there have been suicide attempts made by lone watch keepers and in some instances officers have suffered from Stroke and Cardiac Arrest on watch; presenting alarming and potentially catastrophic consequences.