What we do



The Maritime Wellness Institute is devoted to improve the wellness of crew at sea, set new standards and provide unparalleled access to the world of wellness at sea.  

We work with our members, advisors and global subject matter experts to achieve this mission.


“Think Tank: A group of experts brought together, usually by a government, to develop ideas on a particular subject and to make suggestions for action.” - Cambridge

Many minds are more significant than one. At the Maritime Wellness Institute, we bring the best minds together, expert advisors, to work collaboratively to improve good health and wellbeing, provide quality education, achieve gender equality by working together in partnership to provide our colleagues at sea with the resources

Think Tanks are made of the expert advisors who work collaboratively both with industry stakeholders and advisors from within the maritime industry and other industry professionals.


Fully understand what the issues are surrounding given topic, with input from all concerned parties.


Review solutions that are currently available both in the maritime industry and externally.

Determine whether either current solutions are fit for purpose or can be adapted for the maritime industry


What are the next steps that can be taken?